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Heating Repair In El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City, TX, and Surrounding Areas

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When HVAC units start malfunctioning, there is a fault in the system that is causing the issue. Contact us for heating repair in El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City, TX, and surrounding areas.

Heating Repair Problems That Every Owner Should Know

Here are some problems and their solutions that will help you sort the things out:

  • Insufficient or cold air:
    Sometimes you receive less warm heating from the heating system, mainly because of lack of maintenance. The accumulated dust and dirt can cause a hindrance in the air passage and components working.
    If you face this problem, cleaning or replacing the air filter might work. You can also call heating repair experts for quick maintenance.
  • Continuously running blower:
    A blower is an essential component that helps force the processed warm air to flow in the ducts and reach where needed. However, a blower is not supposed to run continuously. There is an issue with the limit switch if there is a problem with the blower.
  • Irregular heating cycles:
    A healthy running heating system stops the heating cycle for a few minutes and begins the process again. The intervals are fixed, but if there is an issue, you might face a short cycle issue. A normal heating cycle runs for around 10-15 minutes, and if you feel it is less than the period, you have a problem.
    Most people tend to ignore it, but it is not good for the compressor’s health. There might be an issue with thermostat settings or airflow problems.
  • Water leakage issue: 
    When the drainage lines get clogged, the water finds a way to get out from somewhere else. It is better to check the drainage line for clogging signs monthly. Drain the water and clean the condensate line with baking soda or vinegar.
    If the condensate line is clean, the problem may lie with the evaporator drain pan, heat exchanger, or collector box.
  • AC fuse tripped down:
    Fuse trips down when an electrical issue or a component draws more electric current than its capacity. A blower requires more energy when there is a blocked air filter.
    You should call an expert to deal with and fix the electrical issues because they can lead to more issues if not handled appropriately.

Call The Heating Repair Technician At The Earliest!

As soon as you discover a problem with the heating system, you should call a professional heating repair technician at the earliest. Early detection and repairing of the issue at the right time are necessary to prevent the early replacement cost.

These HVAC repairs tend to grow massive as time passes. It affects the other healthy components and mechanisms and will lead to a complete shutdown one day. Like loose electrical wires can cause a trip down the AC fuse someday if it is not addressed at the right moment.

Chill Pro Solutions Will Be At Your Doorstep At Your Earliest Convenience!

Whenever you feel like you are stuck in an HVAC problem, and there is no way to resolve it, call Chill Pro Solutions to help you solve it. Our licensed and skilled technicians are experts in handling emergencies and finding quick solutions so that you can spend your time comfortably for the rest of the season.

Dial (915) 219-1060 and explain your issue, and book an appointment with our technician.

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