Heat Pump Replacement In El Paso, TX

Heat Pump Replacement In El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City, TX, and Surrounding Areas

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The hot and cool seasons in El Paso can be insufferable, but one solution can reduce the bitterness of both seasons. A heat pump.

Just like its name suggests, a heat pump collects outside heat from cold air and pumps it into your home during winters.

During summers, it absorbs indoor heat and transfers it outside. When A heat pump starts malfunctioning, we often assume a repair will fix it-however, not all heat pump issues can be repaired. Some heat pump issues indicate the need for heat pump replacement. Contact us today for heat pump replacement in El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City, TX, and surrounding areas.

Heat Pump Services In El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City, TX, and Surrounding Areas

Replace Your Heat Pump When:

  • It starts functioning the exact opposite: If your heat pump is making the indoors cooler during winters and warmer during summers even after tune-up and repairs, it is no longer useful.
  • Two reasons can make a heat pump function this way: a problematic thermostat and a dead compressor.
    You can get the thermostat repaired or replaced if the problem is with the thermostat. If the compressor is dead, you need to replace the heat pump.
  • It stopped working: If your heat pump suddenly stops working often or it has completely shut down, the technician will suggest you a replacement. Continuous shutting down of a heat pump indicates it has several internal damages.
  • It is too old to repair: If your heat pump is a decade old, there is no use in spending too much on its repairs. In 10 years, a continuously used heat pump wears out, and repair becomes a temporary solution, while the replacement is a more durable and cost-effective solution in this case.
  • Troubleshooting is too expensive: When the malfunctioning heat pump demands frequent repairs, and the repair cost is higher than the replacement cost, replacing it would be a better choice.
  • It’s leaking harmful gas: A heat pump can leak poisonous gas such as carbon monoxide, which is too dangerous for you and your family. Three symptoms indicate your heat pump is leaking:
    • There is moisture around your heat pump.
    • You hear hissing or bubbling noises.
    • The airflow is weak or almost negligible.

Turn the leaking heat pump off immediately. In this situation, replacement is a safer and better solution.

Heat Pump Replacement in El Paso, Texas

The heat pump replacement cost varies depending on model, size, and other factors. It starts from approx. $4000 and the cost can be up to $13,000. You need to do a proper calculation of the size of your residence.

You can calculate the required heat pump size online using a Manual J load calculation. An HVAC expert will also help you find the accurate size. Ensure you get at least ten years of warranty with your new heat pump.

After sizing and warranty, check the energy rating of the heat pump. The higher the energy rating, the more you will save on electricity bills. Look for a trustworthy HVAC technician nearby.

The technician should have a license and long experience to perform the replacement. All these factors will make the heat pump replacement hassle-free for you.


Chill Pro Solutions can provide reliable, durable, and satisfactory replacement services. Our services are a perfect combination of premium quality and affordable rates. To discuss your HVAC requirements in detail, call us.

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