AC Maintenance In El Paso, TX

AC Maintenance In El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City, TX, and Surrounding Areas

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No matter how much we clean or protect our air conditioning unit and minimize its usage, with time, something will go wrong with our AC, and it will require AC maintenance. The average person doesn’t have in-depth knowledge of an AC, but our NATE-certified technicians at Chill Pro Solutions do. Contact us for AC maintenance in El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City, TX, and surrounding areas.

A well-trained HVAC technician can easily and quickly understand even the minor requirements of an AC. Below we will give you some facts and tips about Air Conditioning maintenance.

Air Conditioning Services In El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City, TX, and Surrounding Areas

The Annual Maintenance And Your Air Conditioner

AC performance depends on the annual tune-up. During an AC tune-up, our experts repair all the deteriorated AC parts, cleans every corner of the AC efficiently, and inspects the external contributing components. Our technician leaves no stone unturned in enhancing the condition of the AC unit.

Moreover, some AC faults can be dangerous and must be left to an experienced technician like us. The annual tune-up starts with an AC diagnosis test followed by thorough cleaning and ends with final AC performance verification.

If any part of the AC needs repair or replacement, it gets the required service. The technician also fixes the wiring system of your house. An annual tune-up consists of all those AC services that can extend the lifespan of an air conditioner.

This is why scheduling professional annual maintenance is essential for our air conditioning systems.

Things While Hiring The AC Technician

  • NATE certification and license number
  • Testimonial of the professional
  • Experience in the HVAC industry
  • Provision of warranty
  • Distance from your residence

You may get some good recommendations on HVAC contractors from your neighbors. If not, you can search nearby HVAC service providers online. It would be best if you compared the charges and reviews of the various HVAC companies that serve your area.

Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance

Spring and fall are the best times for AC servicing. Prepare your AC for the whole summer season by providing it with a tune-up service during the spring season.

If you cannot schedule service twice a year, We prefer servicing it during the spring season. Even once a year, An AC service can prevent many AC issues, but one should never avoid servicing the air conditioner annually.

Besides scheduling seasonal tune-ups, things you should do for the maintenance of AC are:

  • Change air filters at least once in two months
  • Clean condenser unit, fan blades, and drain lines
  • Cover your AC when it is not in use
  • Keep windows and doors closed to block outside heat
  • Provide durable insulation

Pros of Scheduling AC Tune-Up Every Year

  • AC cooling as it is newly purchased
  • Impurities-free air quality
  • Longer AC life
  • Reasonable utility bills
  • Non-disturbing AC operation
  • Reduced chances of expensive repairs


If you contact Chill Pro Solutions for AC maintenance and other HVAC services, you will never have to worry about any HVAC problems. Our skilled technicians can fix your AC or heater immediately and efficiently.

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