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AC Problems You Can Fix With DIY Repairs

  • Temperature Variation:
    A malfunctioning thermostat is the main culprit for temperature variations. The thermostat is not functioning accurately when your AC is not cooling the room.
    The faulty thermostat can be easily fixed by resetting it. Some thermostats come with a reset button. You will find ways to reset your thermostat in its manual too.
  • Minimal airflow:
    There can be three reasons behind minimal airflow. The first one is a low refrigerant level; only our technician can fix this issue. The second one is a dirty filter, condenser, and evaporator coil. You can fix this problem by cleaning these components. The third reason is obstruction near air vents to ensure there is no airflow restricting objects near the AC unit.
  • Tripping fuse:
    A fuse usually trips when there is a risk of wire catching fire or a short circuit. When your circuit breaker trips, switch off the AC circuit and turn it on again after a couple of minutes. This will solve the issue. If this happens repetitively, urgent professional repair is required.
  • Clanking noise:
    When left loose while cleaning the AC, an internal part or bolt can hit here and there; this causes a clanking noise. To fix this, you will have to inspect all the internal components of your AC to find which bolt or part of the AC is loose and fix them using a screwdriver.

AC Problem That Must Be Handled By A Professional

  • AC making strange noises:
    Clanking is not the only sound a malfunctioning AC produces. Rattling, humming, hissing, gurgling, and screeching are the various sounds an AC produces. Hearing such weird noises from AC alerts that your AC needs to be repaired.
  • Stinking airflow:
    If your room stinks because of your air conditioner, schedule a diagnostic test as soon as possible. Foul odors can be an outcome of severe AC damage.
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  • AC stopped working:
    Short cycling of an air conditioner or AC not working indicates emergency AC repair. There are possibilities that your AC may need a replacement.
  • Coolant leak:
    The refrigerant starts leaking only because of two reasons. There can be some cracks in the duct line, or a clogged drain line is causing the leakage. Both need a durable solution that only an experienced technician can provide.


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