Convert to Refrigerated Air In El Paso, TX

Convert to Refrigerated Air In El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City, TX, and Surrounding Areas

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A refrigerated unit draws air from the surrounding area and funnels it into a funnel-shaped tumbler, but it does not allow the air to cool naturally. Instead, coolant is used to line the funnel. This causes the air to cool faster and become colder.

If you want to convert to refrigerated air, remember that refrigerated air is consistently comfortable and allows you to control the temperature precisely. Contact us today for convert to refrigerated air in El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City, TX, and surrounding areas.

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Refrigerated Air: A Better Option

Refrigerated air is, without a doubt, the best option regarding overall performance, home comfort, and reliability. There’s no way to put the unit to the test in terms of heat or humidity, so you’ll never have to worry about a hot day robbing you of your comfort.

Another advantage of refrigerated air is that it keeps your home secure because air is recirculated and must be kept closed. Suppose you live in an area where high temperatures are a regular occurrence. A refrigerated unit would be more appropriate in this case. A refrigerated unit would be ideal in humid environments.

What Should You Know About Switching To Refrigerated Air?

  • Hire a professional:
    It is essential to have your new system installed by a licensed professional. You’re making a significant investment in your home, so you want to ensure everything is in working order. Choose a reputable company that stands behind its work and provides product warranties.
  • Keep an eye on your current ductwork:
    Your existing ductwork may not be sufficient to provide the necessary airflow for your new system. To support the new air conditioning system, you may need to upgrade your duct system.
  • It’s possible that your furnace needs to be replaced:
    Your furnace system influences the efficiency of your air conditioner. It must be sized appropriately not only for heating but also for cooling. To support the air conditioning system, your furnace may need to be upgraded simultaneously as the air conditioner.
  • Upgraded electrical system:
    Refrigerated air uses more electricity than swamp coolers, so the air conditioner must be supported by adequate circuit and power requirements. One may need to upgrade the electrical panel.

The Advantages of Refrigerated Air

  • It enables you to keep a consistent temperature
    Do you like maintaining a specific temperature when it’s hot outside? Chilled air allows you to keep your home at a consistent temperature even when it’s hot outside.
  • It can help to improve the quality of indoor air
    Most refrigerated air systems can add an indoor air quality filtration system to help improve air quality by removing indoor pollutants like pollen, mold, and pet dander. If you or a member of your family suffers from allergies or asthma, this could be a huge help.
  • Cooling systems with multiple zones
    Suppose you want to cool individual areas in your home. In that case, ductless air conditioning systems offer zoned cooling, which can be an efficient way to cool each room separately and is something you should talk to an HVAC professional about. This is a unique type of air conditioner that is not a standard refrigerated air conditioner.
  • All-year-round convenience
    Refrigerated air systems make it simple to switch from heat to cool at any time. This is especially useful during the months when we have cool mornings and hot afternoons.

Chill Pro Solutions can help by providing excellent professional services if you want to convert to refrigerated air. Contact us to schedule an appointment or know more about our services.

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